SEO 101 for Small Business Owners: What You Need to Know [Quiz + eBook]


The key to winning in a noisy online world: Applying a little SEO 101.

SEO 101 for Small Business Owners: What You Need to Know [Quiz + eBook]: Does your small business website top the search ranks? Is it even visible at all? If you’re nodding “no”, it may be worth investing a little time understanding how search engine optimization (SEO) works.

Why? Applying good SEO practices increases your site’s visibility on search engine results pages like Google, Yahoo and Bing. In turn, it means the higher chance more clients will find you… and it doesn’t cost a cent! As a small business owner, who wouldn’t want that?

To get started, we’ve put together a quick quiz to put your basic SEO knowledge to the test. Whether you score high or satisfactory, the SEO 101 eBook you’ll receive at the end will have everything you need to inch closer to number 1

See below for the quiz…

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